26474 Early detection of health dysfunction parameters using connected care
Begeleider(s): ir. Guylian Stevens [H3CareSolutions]

Richtingen: Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering, International Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering



We are evolving towards a value-driven, integrated and connectd care. This requires user-friendly, unnoticeable, age-transcending, implementable sensors to enable monitoring of health parameters in all circumstances of a person's life (young / old, sick / healthy /) (Smart textiles, Ambient Intelligence, Wearables, Insideables, etc. .)

The real need and what is still lacking to build the system is a fast, qualitative, safe, accessible, redundant and affordable way to capture, transfer and capture the flood of data (smartphones, cloud servers, nodes, 5G, etc. )

On the other hand, the user / patient must be constantly involved in his care and the chosen actions must be fed back to the user in consultation (chatbots, patient platforms, drones, compliance, chronic care management,…).


The assignment consists of mapping out the process of “continuum of care” for one remote care process that has yet to be defined in consultation with the student(s) (E.g cardiac disease, diabetic care,…) and designing the whole in a traceable manner using blockchain and in accordance with the EU “medical device regulation ” Application will be possible in the ecosystem (start-up/scale up or multinational with a  patient@home.