Master theses defenses - Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

2021-2022, second period



Thursday 01/09/2022

09:00 Sander Haegeman Expanding Skill Set by Collaboration: Feasibility Study on a Dual Arm Set-up Guillaume Crevecoeur, Tom Lefebvre

Wednesday 07/09/2022

09:00 Paul Vandevelde Automatisch bepalen van de camera-overlap in complexe omgevingen Pieter Simoens, Sam Leroux Ardoyen - iGent - VGZ 1.3
10:30 Bryan Van Huyneghem You are muted: automatic (un)muting in video conferences Pieter Simoens, Sam Leroux Ardoyen - iGent - VGZ 1.3
13:30 C├ęderic Callens Characterization of small-strain shear modulus through DAS Bruno Stuyts Bibliotheek grondmechanica

Thursday 08/09/2022

14:00 Caroline Rhomberg Teleoperated transportation: from technology to reality Sofie Verbrugge, Didier Colle Ardoyen - iGent - IDLAB9
15:00 En-Yao Chang Analysis of personal data vault based systems Sofie Verbrugge, Ruben Verborgh Ardoyen - iGent - IDLAB9

Friday 09/09/2022

00:00 Julie Vanackere Evaluating the robustness of a physics-informed machine learning ship performance model for maritime voyage optimization Sidharta Gautama, Casimir Morobe
00:00 Said Mabrouk Research and design of an automated grocery shopping-list based on the consumption behavior Jelle Saldien, El-Houssaine Aghezzaf
00:00 Ewout Pollaris Assessment of the influence of the capacity at a station, of a micro sharing system, on the user satisfaction Ivana Semanjski, Sidharta Gautama
00:00 Glenn Singier Urban air mobility flight path planning Ivana Semanjski, El-Houssaine Aghezzaf

Monday 12/09/2022

09:00 Jef Malfliet Automatische identificatie van koeien aan de hand van het vlekkenpatroon Pieter Simoens, Sam Leroux Ardoyen - iGent - VGZ 1.3
09:45 Robin Mortier Detecteren van kleine kevers op hoge resolutie beelden Pieter Simoens, Sam Leroux Ardoyen - iGent - VGZ 1.3

Thursday 07/09/2502

09:45 Bram Verhulst Bringing animal herds into safety: Cooperative consensus algorithms for the localisation of dangers and for the selection of a safe path Pieter Simoens, Yara Khaluf Ardoyen - iGent - VGZ 1.3